Hello World!

Hello World!

To start my blog, I thought I’d start by introducing myself. But then, if you’ve read my profile, you know everything you’re likely to want to know.

Why am I blogging? That’s a question I’d ask if I were you; so I’ll answer that. Blogging is a funny thing. It’s promoted as the new, practical, application of freedom of speech. The internet has spawned message boards, blogs and tweets, yet the overall impression is that freedom of speech is wasted on most people because they simply have nothing to say. One wonders just how much of cyberspace is filled with the minutiae of the lives of a milliard people who never do anything millions of other people don’t do.

So why add to it? You may well ask. The bald truth is that a blog is supposed to be a sales aid to authors, according to many people (none of whom ever seem to have sold any books and all of whom seem to run websites that provide blogging facilities). The idea appears to be simply that the blog increases your internet footprint and makes you more visible. The internet is so large now that this does sound like standing in the garden and trying to attract the attention of an orbiting spaceship; you know you’re invisible but you try waving a placard with “I’m here” written in magic marker anyway. The phrase “wishful thinking” flits across my mind in search of something to connect to.  On the other hand, I’ve no better ideas.

This is not the first blog I’ve done. I first came across the idea on the Goodreads site and I tried my hand. Some of the early posts got quite a good response but eventually the response trailed off to nothing. Why? Well, it could be that I was just dull but the explanation I prefer (naturally!) is that I rather ran out of things to say. When that happened, I opted to blog less often rather than pad it out with a lot of posts that didn’t say anything; but people tell me that reading blogs is a habit – if you don’t post for several weeks, people get out of the habit of looking. Whatever the cause, the Goodreads blog didn’t get me very far. In nearly eighteen months, I didn’t get one new reader, so I decided to save the effort I was putting in and quit the site.

But what am I going to say?  Do I have anything to say worth saying, in fact? Well, I am a writer, so I have to assume that I think so.  There wouldn’t be a lot of point publishing books if I didn’t.  I used to be able to say things that attracted at least a passing interest from other people, so I don’t see why I can’t still.  It’s a big world with a lot to talk about.  Ultimately, only you, the reader, can judge what interests you.

Here goes nothing!


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