Love! Labour’s Lost

The widespread lament of voters in the UK is that our modern political caste, all too many of whom have never done a “proper” job, are out of touch with their parties’ grass roots.   The Tories are out of touch, true, but the state of the Labour Party almost defies belief.

Labour’s MPs, for reasons of their own, chose to push the Remain line.  In spite of this, all the Labour heartlands bar London voted Leave.  The PLP’s response?  To blame Jeremy Corbyn for “failing to get the message across”.

Now, I hold no brief for Corbyn but I agree that there is a message not getting across.  When the entire British establishment, bar a handful of MPs, tells the people to vote one way and the majority votes the other way,  that should tell the political parties one thing: that they are failing to represent the views of the  people.

The Tories, however reluctantly, have taken some part of this on board.  Labour, though, reacts in the most arrogant and egomaniac way imaginable.  The party accuses the voters of not understanding the issues.

The voters understood the issues perfectly; it was the politicians who failed to grasp them.  Just as Labour’s MPs fail to grasp that the function of a political party is to represent its supporters.  It is not the voters who exist to do the well of the Party.

Until Labour’s MPs wake up to this, they will remain unelectable and the UK will remain without a workable opposition.




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